• Differentiate Your BRAND

    HeatGenie provides participating brands the opportunity to set themselves apart from their competitors and deliver the on-the-go convenience that consumers demand.

  • The Self-Heating INNOVATION

    HeatGenie is a self-heating packaging component for use in food and beverage products.  HeatGenie integrates into the bottom of the package and, with the simple push of a button, heats food or beverage to serving temperature in less than two minutes.

  • Market RESEARCH

    Self-Heating will GROW categories.  Consumers indicate they will buy self-heating versions of products in addition to what they already buy.

Technology Highlights

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Active Packaging Innovation that is different from any other

HeatGenie is the self-heating technology that is:
  • High Performance – HeatGenie heats in less than 2 minutes
  • Easy to Use – With the push of a button HeatGenie heats on the go
  • Small – HeatGenie is light weight and allows high food to heater ratio
  • Safe and Sustainable – Made with food safe materials, HeatGenie can be recycled with the package
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Consumer Market Research

HeatGenie conducted market research of representative consumers and found the following:

• Purchase interest is high especially among past year category buyers

• Self-Heating has the potential to GROW categories

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HeatGenie and Crown to Present at EastPack June 18

HeatGenie and Crown representatives will discuss the active and intelligent features of HeatGenie’s self-heating package as well as how and why the companies entered …

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This completely new portable, single-use, self-heating packaging technology creates new usage opportunities such as hot coffee while driving to work or self-heating soup in children’s lunch boxes.